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"As a professional performer I have experienced many teachers. And when it came time for my daughter to start lessons; I trusted Abby with the instruction. Abby is a good human who I could trust to guide my daughter without making her sound like every other young performer. All students are unique and Abby teaches them as such."

- Karen Olivo, Tony award-winning actress

"Abby is an energetic, encouraging, and accomplished voice teacher and vocal coach! While teaching students about musicianship, she is also teaching them about self confidence, risk taking, and finding their voice."

- Erica Berman, Director of Education and Artistic Associate, Children's Theater of Madison

“I started taking voice lessons with Abby when I was in 6th grade. Now I am a junior in high school and I would like to claim that I finally know my voice for everything it can do. She has helped me to understand what I am capable of and how I can get where I want to go.  Abby taught me how to be unapologetic in who I am as an artist, and that is a gift I will carry with me forever.”​​

- Madison Uphoff, student

"Abby is a STAR!! She has challenged my son with a wide repertoire of musical theater pieces, and she has provided valuable tips for him to improve his singing along the way. Her kind, enthusiastic, accessible demeanor has put him at ease from the start, so that he has truly enjoyed each of his voice lessons for the last four years. I recommend Abby with absolutely glowing reviews!"

- Jean Bae, parent

"Abby is a masterful teacher — and I say that as a 65 year-old university professor who’s received teaching awards of her own. I came to Abby to start singing lessons my spouse had gifted me after a hard time during which I lost two close family members. Abby not only gave me an hour each week to forget about my loss, but, most importantly, she also taught me how to find my voice (head and chest!). She tasked me with increasing challenges: first, sing karaoke, publicly, at a large teaching conference of my academic peers, which she had perfectly prepared me for; second, sing in her spring recital, which was a delight; and, third, audition for a local musical, for which I was cast. Abby is truly a gifted teacher — for all ages -- and I’m delighted to sing her praises."

- Morton Ann Gernsbacher, student

"Both of my kids have benefited tremendously from Abby's instruction over the years. While one of my kids is pursuing a future in the performing arts, the other simply loves to sing and enjoys the way Abby's lessons help keep music in her life. Regardless of their goals, Abby instills a deep love of music and theatre in her students which will bring them a lifetime of joy. What makes Abby's instruction so unique is her ability to make students feel safe to explore acting and vocal choices and take risks with material in order to discover who they are as artists. It is a joy to go to recitals and see that even with the youngest, shyest singers, she has a way of bringing out their confidence, their courage, and their inner artists."

- Katie Dowling-Marcus, parent

"As an adolescent male student, learning how to sing can be challenging and embarrassing. There is nothing quite like having a voice crack in the midst of a song. Not only does Abby make me feel comfortable enough to laugh off mistakes, but she helps me minimize my voice cracks (and sometimes even utilize them for acting purposes!) Together, we have come up with multiple strategies to ease tension as my voice has developed. Although no one strategy will work on a given day, my greater understanding of my own voice has been incredibly helpful in pushing me to the next level. I even remember after my very first lesson, nearly five years ago, my mom could already hear a difference in my voice. All I can say is that it is a “wonder of wonders” and “miracle of miracles” that I have Abby as my voice teacher."

- Simon Kissel, student

"Abby Nichols is the full package. She’s an outstanding voice teacher with talent, positivity, and skill. She’s also a loyal role model and trusted advocate that has the innate ability to shine a compassionate light on every single one of her students.

My daughters continue to develop their confidence, grace, and creativity... with Abby by their side... and we are forever grateful."

- Brandi Funk, parent

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